My First Trophy! ECWC 2013 - Jo-Ann Carson

My First Trophy! ECWC 2013

Oct18.13 005photo by Jacqui Nelson

First Place in the ECO

My novel, Fighting Fear, which I think I’ll start calling The Lost Vermeer, came first in the Romantic Suspense category in the ECO competition, Emerald City Opener, the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America contest. It’s all about the first seven pages.

They gave me the royal treatment. I sat at a table of editors and agents and had two requests for my work by the end of dinner (without pitching) and an additional request the following day with a pitch. The Chapter gave me a trophy, a framed certificate and a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

It was an amazing, never to be forgotten, experience. First, they announced the third place finalist (…and it wasn’t me). My hands started to sweat.

Then they announced the second place winner (…and it’s wasn’t me).  OMG. My heart jumped into my mouth. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you all know that feeling. I couldn’t breathe. My heart raced. And I silently screamed with joy.

Every one at my table looked at me…because duh… they figured it out. Time stopped for a wonderful breathtaking moment. Then, they announced me as the first place winner and it burst into a million wonderful pieces. So sweet.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement…  J.C. McKenzie, my daughter, came first in her category, Paranormal, for Shift Happens, a Carus Chronicle book.

So, I’m going home with two trophies, many goodies and new “connections” in the business.

I am soooo grateful to the Seattle RWA chapter for hosting this contest, and giving me the opportunity to further my career. They rock!.

The conference is great too!!! (more on that  later)

So What is the book about?

Here is the one-page I prepared to pitch at the conference:

Fighting Fear


Jo-Ann Carson

                                      An Ancient curse…
                                                            A lost Vermeer…
                                                                        A ruthless murderer…
Desperate to prove she can work with her brothers in the fight against international art crime, Kat follows the trail of a lost Vermeer, only to discover her former lover is trying to steal it. Entangled in a web of intrigue, she discovers the painting is cursed and a ruthless murderer is closing in.

The Milkmaid Fighting Fear

Nederlander Series Book 2

Fighting art crime in exotic places can be dangerous in more ways than one.