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Crazy Good Stats

DSC01318 Large Web viewWriting Quote:

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” Tom Clancy

Living Quote:

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” Dalai Lama

Crazy Stats:

On Wednesday, last week, my third post about learning how to use Scrivener drew 540 hits!
When I first checked my stats at six in the morning, I saw a huge spike in “the graph” and the number 200. My jaw dropped, and stayed open for the rest of the day as the numbers rose. Why this post?  I wish I knew. My best guess is that  it’s because people are interested in Scrivener. You never know when the cyberworld is going to notice you.
It got me to thinking. (Yes, I do that sometimes). What if  I had a piece of my writing up at the side of my blog for people to sample? I could introduce them to my characters…. to my voice.  I think it’s time to polish my novella and put it up. That way, the next time a hoard of people come through my digital space I’ll have something to share. Let’s see if I chicken out.

My Big Big News:

On Friday, my guest blogger will be J.C. McKenzie (who happens to be my youngest daughter). Her urban fantasy, Shift Happens, is being published by Wild Rose Press. I’m so proud of her. The post is about the world she creates in her series, The Carus Chronicles.

I’m equally proud of my other daughter, HM, who  writes provincial biology textbooks. Yes, both my children beat me  through the publishing line, but I’ll catch up some day. lol

New Profile Pics Courtesy of PJ

PJ took a bunch of photos of me this weekend, and I’ve picked out a few for profile shots. I’m much happier with them than the ones done by the professional photographer last year. I just couldn’t relax with him, and the shots as a result look stiff. I love the pictures PJ took (above, below and at the side. More on my website.). I took my favorite photographer out to lunch and we had pea soup and scones on a sun drenched patio, in a small, out-of-the-way town where everyone smiles and the pace is so slow you can hear the birds fluttering about. A nice, nice day.

My Question for You:

Why do you read blogs? To laugh? Get the latest gossip? Information? Connection?   …?

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  1. Hi Jo-Ann,
    Love the new pictures! I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to receiving them. You have a lovely blend of topics and guests that appeal to a wide audience. I’m not surprised that the Scrivener post garnered so much attention. All the craft posts are written in an easy, comfortable style and you make everything sound doable. The makings of a book…

  2. Hey, Jo-Ann. I FBed how much I love the new photo. You look like a college professor, but a very friendly and approachable one. (I realized after I started down that road “college professor” might not sound positive to some people. LOL)
    Congrats on all the stops for the Scrivener posts. I agree with Joanne above, your craft pieces are just so easy to follow. (Figure it’s the teacher in you. :))
    I started reading blogs because SM gurus said writers had to have a SM presence. At the time, I barely FBed, much less blogged or Tweeted. (All of which I do now.) My initial feelings of trepidation faded as I ran across warm people behind these blogs.
    Yours was one of the first I started following. I saw your reminder on the Kiss of Death loop one day and clicked over. Interestingly, this was when you’d just left for Italy. Now I’m not a particular fan of the country, haven’t been and have no special desire to go. (Hate to admit how parochial I am. I have world traveling friends, too. I have been to England, loved that and would return.)
    But I found it fun how the readers connected to your posts and the lovely pictures you always included. People who’d walked where you were walking chimed in. It was delightful.
    I like the variety of subjects you cover, too, and how you share your writing life. (BTW, you must be busting out proud about your daughter!) Mostly, I support fellow writers. I FB and Tweet their posts and I know some of them do the same for mine. (Thanks a bunch, Jo-Ann. You’re super about this.)
    I spend way more time on it than I should, but I love the connection. It tickles me when I find my friends posting on another friend’s blog because I recommended them, and then they become friends in their own right. The fact is, Jo-Ann, if I ran into you at a conference, I’d give you a big hug, because I feel like I know you. I’ve met some really fine folks, blogging, so I will continue. And continue to make an effort not to write a book each time I respond. LOL Didn’t do well on that at all! Keep on, keeping on, Jo-Ann. It won’t be long and we’ll be reading one of your books, too.!
    Now, I’m off to work on my blog. Jerrie Alexander is visiting tomorrow.

    1. Hi Marsha
      Thanks. I like the photos too.
      It will be weird when we meet, because we already know so much about each other. I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words and encouragement. You know what a long slog it is to the first publication. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my writing along the way.
      I can’t wait to read your post with Jerrie. You two really are a dynamic duo.
      Happy writing

  3. I think you’re right. You just look more relaxed with these pics and more approachable. In short the type of person you could sit down and have a coffee with.
    In some ways that may be what people are doing when they read a blog. You have a variety of subjects that appeal to me and I suspect to many. Travel pieces make me feel as if I’m there and you’ve done a marvellous series on the New York Thrillerfest. I still haven’t organized my notes enough although I did get a lt out of it.
    Your guest blogs allow us to learn about other authors – like your daughter! And because of how you connect with your readers I suspect most will be like me – rooting for your daughter because she’s your daughter. Like so many of us you’re probably as excited, and possibly more when your child has success with something they love.
    It sounds as if talent runs in your family and I’m looking forward to your daughter’s blog. Interestingly enough writers do run in families some times. Stephen King has children who are authors as does Clive Cussler to name just two. I know there are more.
    I don’t know if I’ve given you any new insights but I suspect you’re on the right track anyway!

    1. Pat, my NY city buddy,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I didn’t know about Clive Cussler’s family. I wonder if it’s talent, or a contagious disease of the
      Insight comes in many forms. With your gentle sense of humor about life, and your determination to take it on, in your own terms, you always inspire me Pat.
      Happy Writing

  4. Can’t seem to log in. I would have said: Love the colour in the photos and your titles. I might prefer the bottom pic but both are great. I read certain blogs to learn things and others to connect with the writer’s journey. Pat is right on when she says yours is often like sitting down for a cup of coffee. My dad was a writer too, as I think my son might turn out to be. I think they will find that storytelling is a gene, like they are discovering for making music and dance. People with the gene get a flood of endorphins when they partake in the activity that regular folk don’t get. Looking forward to J.K.’s post. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy
      I’m glad your words made it. Blasted blogs. They get finicky sometimes.
      Thanks for your compliments about my pics and writing. They mean a lot to me.
      Writer’s gene? …or curse? lol Whatever it is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.
      Best Wishes

  5. LOL! Michael Palmer’s son is also writing and working with his dad as is Janet Evanovich’s daughter. I mentioned this to my son and he said it’s because we drag them into it. But he was just joking when he said it. I think….

  6. I read blogs for the connection and to find out what’s happening in the blogger’s world. Yours are engaging, informative, entertaining and just plain fun. I’m not surprised at the ‘Crazy Stats’. Great new profile pictures too. The top one shows a confident side which I like, but I agree with Pat, that the bottom one invites the reader to share a coffee. A sample of your writing would be a nice way to woo your readers… Can’t wait to meet your talented daughter J.C. on Friday.

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