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T. Jefferson Parker on Outlining

Off on the Right Foot:

When to Outline and When to Write

T. Jefferson Parker

(Thrillerfest Lecture, July 10, 2013)

  • Written 20 books
  • Writes one a year and focuses on it – like a 365 day road trip with a destination and journey

Things to See

  • He starts by writing himself a long letter (talks about things that interest him – he puts them all down and then prioritizes. It’s like planning a dream vacation at no cost)
  • Collects interesting “stuff” all the time  (i.e., articles clipped from newspapers or printed from the computer etc.) in plastic bins
  • This initial stage is the time to “fill up the van” with ideas (be inclusive) and trust your instincts

People to Go With

  • you need strong willed characters
  • They will all be talking in your head for the next year – keep that in mind


  • This is the heavy lifting
  • Need a destination
  • A 24 word story
  • He’s been able to get it down to 10 (e.g., “A lawman wants to save a baby from the devil.”)


  • writing is 90% improvisation – that’s the music and beauty of being a writer
  • His process (3 months outlining, 6 months 1st draft, 3 months clean up)
  • Gets a “sinking feeling” when it’s 99% right
  • Be fast to get to the next plot point
  • When you run out of points – that’s when things really get interesting
  • The care and feeding of your voice comes from what you read

If any of this doesn’t make sense, it’s my fault. Parker delivered an exceptionally clear and fascinating talk.

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