What do I have to offer the blogosphere? - Jo-Ann Carson

What do I have to offer the blogosphere?

Phew ♥♥♥ Jacqui Nelson ♥♥♥ is a hard act to follow.

She drew 360 hits and 56 comments breaking all my previous records. (Congrats Jacqui!)

Pieter Chasz Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Pieter Chasz
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Which brings me to the question that haunts every new blogger and stops many from even starting: What do I have to offer the blogosphere?
Good blogs offer the world something, or at least in my mind they should. But what do I have to offer? That’s a humbling question.
Luckily, when I started my first blog, about 6 years ago, I was told to just jump in, and I did. I’d been diagnosed with cancer, so I figured I had nothing to lose. The cancer’s gone btw and I am well, but that’s how I got into this blog writing thing. Facing one’s mortality makes you do crazy things.
Over a year into this blog, I’ve discovered that it has its own personality, Not at all what I expected. My most popular blog posts are about writing craft and/or conferences. For example my post on Steve Berry’s Advice on Story Structure drew two hundred people and my post on my experience at Agentfest at the Thrillerfest conference was almost as high.
These stats don’t really make sense to me.  Seriously. Why would anyone want to hear about writing craft from an unpublished writer?
I think the thing is that  I offer my understanding of the craft material in as clear and concise a format as I can and people seem to like that.
My next most popular bits are travel blog posts. I’m a relatively new traveler and I keep finding myself in the darndest situations in foreign places. People enjoy laughing with me as I sort myself out. It’s good fun.
All this rambling is to say I have a new schedule in mind: Mondays – personal comments … Wednesdays – craft posts… Fridays – guest posts – my way of networking and paying forward (Please, contact me if you would like a spot). Except when I travel, and then I’ll blog about that.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the new format.
And yes, I discovered the ♥ key. lol

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  1. That is a hard act to follow! Personally, I’m still honoured to be your first guest blog and I suspect people are drawn to your blog for all the reasons you mention but also because whatever you do you do in an intelligent and carrying manner with a touch of humour.

    1. Aaaaah Pat
      You are so nice. Thank you for your kind words.
      Yes, you were my blog’s “first”, and never to be forgotten. I hope you will return soon to premier another launch.
      Happy writing

  2. I love your blog, Jo-Ann! I love the way you put things–your writer’s voice–and being “clear and concise” is an added bonus 🙂
    And, yes, the darnedest things do happen while travelling! But on my most recent trip (during the week before the RWA national conference) they were the annoyingly commonplace things such as misplaced luggage and forgetting to pack important items. You’re travel stories during your trip to ThrillerFest were much more interesting 🙂
    Thanks again for inviting me to be your Friday guest! Looking forward to guest blogging with you again!

    1. Thanks Jacqui
      You are too kind and I have to say I’m pleased as punch to have you following my blog.
      One of the wonderful things about traveling for me is discovering the crazy things that happen that aren’t on my “agenda” and meeting people I normally would never cross paths with.
      Misplaced luggage, however, I could do without.
      I’m looking forward to many more shared events my friend.

  3. I loved your travel blog!! And think you have plenty to share. Count me in when you need a guest. Remember you’re always welcome to be my guest!

    1. Hi Jerrie
      Thank you.
      I’d love to have you guest blog. Are you free on August 16th? That would be great fun.
      And I’d love to be on your blog. I just have to publish first.
      Best Wishes

  4. Hey, Jo-Ann. I always feel so welcome when I stop by. If you knew how to bottle that certain something you have in all your posts, you could make a small fortune! The plan seems good. Actually, I think its just like with writing: Whatever works for you, works for you. You seem to have hit your stride here. I’ll always stop by, and you know me, I’ll have something to say. LOL

    1. Ah… Marsha
      You rock. So supportive and caring– Thank you.
      And I love chatting with you through our comments.
      I hope your cyber problems are fixed now.
      Best Wishes

  5. i think that what you offer the blogosphere is your unique voice. And after all isn’t that why people reach for their favorite author? I’m sure it’s the voice more than the plot. Perhaps remembering a memorable character and hoping to meet another one, but most of all I’m convinced it’s wanting to hear the special combination of vocabulary and emotion that is each writer’s own magic spell.

    1. Helena
      Dear friend, your words touch my heart. Thank you.
      I didn’t mean for my post to read like a, “Do I look fat in this dress, honey,” question, begging for positive attention, but rather a truthful statement about what it feels like to be a wee blogger in a big universe. That being said, the responses, yours included, have blown me away. The support of others in the writing journey is so wonderful.
      Again, thank you

  6. Your three posts a week sounds awesome Jo-Ann. Just remember to be ‘kind to yourself’ if life gets in the way, and if you struggle to meet your commitments. Readers respond to your blog because you are ‘keeping it real’. We are not writing machines. Some days, I have to remind myself of that phrase.
    I’m revisiting a book entitled, ‘Work as a Spiritual Practice’ -A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job -by Lewis Richmond.
    He states that True Accomplishment is not about winning, acquiring or being on top. It is about sharing, giving, and including.
    And I believe that your blog is transforming itself into that kind of ‘place to be’. All the best in your new blog adventure.
    I’m looking forward to my opportunity to ‘guest blog’ with you.

    1. Hi Jodie
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts. Love the idea of seeing work as a spiritual practice. For me, writing itself is a spiritual practice.
      I’m excited about hosting your post on Friday.
      Best Wishes

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