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Last Post from NYC

Policemen at Times Square

Policemen at Times Square

I’ve journeyed up the Empire State building, around the Statue of Liberty and down into the bowels of the smelly New York City subway. I’ve been dazzled by the lights of Time Square, blown away by drama of The Phantom and seduced by the buzz of the streets. I’ve listened to classical jazz in Bryant park, ate New Orleans shrimp in Bubba Gumps and looked at a rare Gutenberg bible in the famous NYC public library.But what I will remember most about NYC is it’s people.
from the Empire State Building

from the Empire State Building

PJ and I like to “stay awhile” when we visit. After we’ve seen the must-see sites the stars fade in my eyes, and I begin to really get the feel of the place. It’s like an awareness of the living culture sifts into my consciousness.
Without fail it is the people I’ve met that stands out the most. There were the two women from New Jersey who traveled with us on the subway to the Met sharing a slice of their lives, the young Auzzie ladies brimming with life down the hall who always smile, shy humble Gabriel who found the wrong Canadians, the woman we call “The Oracle” who dispatches information at a kiosk in Grand Central Station at lightening speed, everyone at Thrillerfest, our faceless apartment manager  and of course, our hero, The Supe.
New Yorkers rock. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to come here and hope to return.

#4 Golden Tip from Thrillerfest

Paraphrased from Michael Connelly’s talk about writing series characters: Don’t hold anything back. Put everything into the book you’re writing. Then when you’re finished think of the next one.

all pics are PJs

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  1. Me, to, Jo-Ann. Felt like I was along with you for this wonderful and challenging ride of trials and joys. Truly you have a gift for putting words together. If any of those agents/editors who asked to see your work, have a lick of sense, they will scoop you up post haste. Thanks for taking time to share with us and safe journey home.

    1. Hi Marsha
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sitting in the Vancouver airport. It’s 3 am and even Tim Horton’s is closed. We’ll complete our trip with a float plane when the sun comes up. It was a great trip and sharing it with friends made it even better. Thank you for your continuing support.
      Best Wishes

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