Getting Ready for the Red Eye to New York - Jo-Ann Carson

Getting Ready for the Red Eye to New York

Wikipedia Montage

Wikipedia Montage

Well this is it. I leave tonight on the red eye. I’ve squished as much of me as I can into my small rolling carry-on and computer bag/purse. I’ve gone through my lists over and over again, and my passport’s ready. What can I say? This is it.
I’ve been planning this trip for six months.
It all started with a whimsical thought: Wouldn’t it be cool to attend a Thrillerfest conference? Go to writing workshops given by the top thriller writers in the world. Talk to New York agents about my work. See a play on Broadway…
Followed by a: Why not?
Followed by: Could I?
And cinched with a: If not now – when?
Only a few hours now.
Did I mention that PJ says we’re flying in the same kind of plane that crashed in San Francisco. He’s a details man.

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    1. Thanks Sylvia
      We’ve arrived. Exhausted from our over-night flight we’re looking through blurry eyes, but man oh man New York does not fail to amaze!
      Thanks for your well wishes.

    1. Pat
      I love the way you think. I sat over top the wing watching parts of it flap this way and that and kept saying to myself, “The odds are….” lol. It’s great to be here. Can’t wait to see you.

  1. You are gearing up for take off just as I am gearing down for my return flight. We leave Prague in the wee hours of the 10th. I hope your time in New York is memorable and your pitches productive. Can t wait to hear all about your adventure.

    1. Hi Helena
      I wrote a reply to you but it seems to have been swallowed up. So you may get two replies.
      Welcome home. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.
      I’m thrilled to be here, but feeling very small against the big buildings. lol.
      My next challenge – Where to eat dinner. Sometimes life gives you too many choices.

  2. You’ll have a great time, Jo-Ann, Be safe (It apparently wasn’t the plane but the pilot–so sad). And super good luck with the agents. I look forward to hearing good news from this and all about your experiences in future blog posts.

    1. Hi Marsha
      Hi Marsha
      The new pilots error is such a sad story.
      But our flight was great and I am finally here, feeling very small in this large landscape, but loving every second of it. I will connect on-line when I can, but having the full NYC experience is my first priority right now. Talk soon.

    1. Hi Judy
      Wish you were here. It is very busy, very noisy and did I mention busy… Kind of like hot and muggy Toronto in July – on speed. Loving it. I look forward to swapping adventure stories soon.

  3. Hope you are having a fabulous time in NYC and at Thrillerfest, Jo-Ann! I’m excited to hear all about it when you return. And what Broadway play did you see? Fingers crossed for your safe journey home.

    1. Thanks Jacqui
      We are having a wonderful time. Thrillerfest rocked. Phantom of the Opera took my breath away. Love love love NY. I will blog about it sometime, but right now I’m too busy having fun.
      I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and all your award ceremonies. Once again, best of luck.
      I hope to catch up with you and share stories in August.

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