Studying Vogler's Mythic Structure - Part 1 - Jo-Ann Carson

Studying Vogler's Mythic Structure – Part 1

“All stories consist of a few common structural elements found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. They are known collectively as The Hero’s Journey.” xxvii

I’ve started reading Christopher Vogler’s book, The Writer’s Journey Mythic Structure for Writers (3rd edition). It’s like eating fresh strawberries from the garden dipped in Belgian chocolate. Even though the book is now twenty years old it’s a classic read for writers.


Joan of Arc

Vogler writes about a, “… set of concepts known as “The Hero’s Journey,” drawn from the depth psychology of Carl G.Jung and the mythic studies of Joseph Campbell.” (p. xiii). When he started to relate these concepts to storytelling, he found himself on a mythic-like journey.

“I came looking for the design principles of storytelling, but on the road found something more a set of principles for living. I came to believe the Hero’s journey is nothing less than a handbook for life, a complete instruction manual in the art of being human.” (p. xiii)

He concluded that The Hero’s Journey is not an invention of his or Jung’s or Campbell’s, but rather an observation of life.
No wonder good stories resound within us! As he says:

“An effective story grabs your gut, tightens your throat, makes your heart race and your lungs pump brings tears to your eyes or an explosion of laughter to your lips.” (p. x)

So I’m wondering: Who are your favorite hero/heroine in literature?


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