My Other Pitch Card for New York - Jo-Ann Carson

My Other Pitch Card for New York

This card isn’t printed yet. I’ve learned a valuable lesson.
When I put up my last card (for Black Cat Blues) I got tons of really good feedback as to how to make it better. So this time I’m putting up a draft.
I’m thinking navy blue ink on blue stock, but I’ve yet to figure out how to make InDesign change the font color. Something so simple, can take me hours. Urrggh. Anyway here’s my baby.
Image (7)
I’ve played with it, but it stays blurry. It’s my printer though not the design.
Side 2:
Image (8)Any comments would be most appreciated on, or off the blog:)
And how are your pitch lines coming?

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  1. Hi Jo-Ann
    Boy, you’re working your tail off on this project and I absolutely LOVED your other one. So because you asked, I’m going to be brutally honest 🙂 … This one is nice, but it doesn’t have the kind of punch the other one did. It could be anyone’s.
    Hmm, how to say what I mean is best with an example. If you take these, and your other one with the cat on a table, and spread them out on a table with a bunch of other author cards, I bet my eye would be drawn right to the cat one, but I’d have to search for this one.
    How to change it? Again, hmmm… do you have an artistic symbol for this series? If you don’t want to go that route, how about paring down the information on the card so there’ less text on the card. Words and ideas need only be said once, so cut out stuff that is on ‘both’ sides.
    Fighting Fear
    A romantic Thriller set in the Netherlands
    Jo-Ann Carson
    Fighting Fear
    Jo-Ann Carson
    Your Fabulous Blurb
    The Nederlander Series – Book 2 – Fighting art crime in exotic locations can be dangerous in more ways than one.
    I think the painting picture would look better if it was bigger, like half or all of the card, and I would take the picture of the two faces off.
    So, to conclude, I’m only being this critical because the other card was so darned special and I know you have the talent and drive to make this baby just as incredible 🙂

    1. Kat
      I love your comments and I think you’re absolutely right. I’m going to search for something like Leroy (my black cat) for this series and revamp it. Thanks

  2. I like this pitch a lot, but it seems a little unbalanced – there’s so much about Kat, then this one sentence about Cody just sort of hanging there at the end. I think it actually sort of takes away some momentum. You’ve mentioned the former lover in the paragraph about Kat, so I’d consider just leaving it at that and ending with the line about the murderer closing in.
    I would definitely buy this book – buy I’m a sucker for art heist stories.
    I love the whole pitch card idea. CJ Lyons suggested that in an online course I took once, but I wound up getting a contract with a small publisher before I had chance to try it. Now that I’m not with that publisher anymore, I’m definitely looking for new ways to make myself stand out. This is great.

    1. Lynn
      Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas. I love art heist stories too.
      I agree with you Cody doesn’t need to appear in this pitch. I can save him for the story.
      Right now I’m trying to squish images into a space. And I thought I was a writer. lol.

  3. I agree with what the others have said. My suggestion is to look for a Vermeer-like picture to put on your card. The bicycle does not say massively talented artist who’s a master of light. It’s far too modern. Perhaps a photo of a romantic windmill? I don’t know if InDesign does this trick where a photo can be made to look like a painting or a sketch. GIMP does it. Maybe try that. If you can’t do it, send me your pic of choice and I’ll do it for you. These programs have such a steep learning curve.

    1. Hi Joan
      Thanks for coming up with more ideas. I’m looking at the moment for a different graphic. Although I like the picture, because it is of Delf and the spire in the distance belongs to the medieval castle in the center of town where one of the murders takes place, it doesn’t, as one wise person pointed out, scream Romantic Suspense.
      Steep learning curve – you got that right. Thanks for your offer. I may take you up on it.
      Thanks again for stopping by

  4. Hi Jo-Ann
    I I like the picture on the front but it is a little small. If you are walking up to someone and they have 10 seconds to read, how about An Ancient Curse, A Lost Vermeer, A Ruthless Murder, on the front.
    In a How to PItch session I hear last week, the presenter said, the agent doesn’t care about the names. Probably true. And Kat has a whopper. I agree Cody is stuck on the end and ending with “can’t” is weak.
    “Desperate to prove herlef in the international fight against art crime, Kat
    Sorry, this screen is not working. We should talk.

    1. Oh Judy
      Love your three line idea, and it does some up the storyline. I’ll work on it. As I just said in my last comment I’m looking for a new graphic. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post draft 2.
      But I would so much like to get back to writing. lol.

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