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My Vancouver Romantic Thriller finals in a Writing Contest

5 My latest manuscript, a romantic thriller set in Vancouver Canada, finalled in the Southern Heat Writing competition in the Romantic Suspense category.
Kat Hall at Champagne Books and Patience Bloom at Harlequinn Romantic Suspense will be judging the next round and the results will be announced mid July.
I originally called the book, Black Cat Blues, but am considering renaming it, A Lover’s Secret. Whatever it’s called, it’s my favorite story so far.

Logline: When a woman comforts a murder victim, she learns a dangerous secret.

I’m tinkering with the pacing, and strengthening different parts of it, but I love the basic story, particularly the west coast climax which involves a boat chase across the Georgia Strait in storm conditions. It was so much fun to write.
Happy dancing tonight.
(Picture – Granville Island, Vancouver, one of the settings for the story – taken by PJ)

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    1. Lee
      Me too. Thanks for stopping by and giving me your well wishes.
      You know, I forgot to mention it in my post, but while I read the email that said I finaled, fireworks were exploding in the harbor near our house. It was quite dramatic.

    1. Hi Jacqui
      Thanks for your congrats. and for recognizing how hard it is to keep at it. I’m growing thicker skin and I figure years from now the hard parts will look like small speed bumps.

  1. I’m delighted for you, Jo-Ann. I remember Black Cat Blues. The characters are so strong and the story line intriguing. I can’t wait to read the whole book. Hmm… those fireworks must be good omens. Keep us posted.

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