The Long Line-up for Love - Jo-Ann Carson

The Long Line-up for Love

SAMSUNGThe line of men started at the counter of the florist shop wove through the center isle of red floral displays, and out into the mall. There were at least thirty men and one woman waiting to buy flowers for their sweethearts. It was Valentine’s Day.
The shop in the middle of town caters to all sorts of people, but this line intrigued me, not because of the differences in the individuals, but because of the one thing they had in common.
It was four o’clock. The men were stopping by on their way home to by a love present. How sweet is that.
They were tall, short, young, old, and everything in between. Most looked tired and wore rumpled work clothes. Some had construction boots on. I didn’t want to know how they smelled. Several had five-o’clock shadows that made them look unkept more than sexy. A bunch of regular guys going the extra mile to please their woman. I loved it.
I stood transfixed by the sight of the long line-up for love, and for a brief moment I forgot all about the economy, Korea’s itchy bomb finger, Iran and my stiff back. The world seemed perfect.
You gotta love–love.

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  1. I only just saw this, Jo-Ann. I see you sent yesterday. Can’t figure. It must have been floating around out there in cyber space. Your flowers are lovely. Umm carnations. I can smell them from here. 🙂 My pink roses are hanging in there, still looking perky. I told DH they’ve had the most staying power of any he’s gotten. He was pleased.
    I FBed this. Haven’t done that before. Will try to more often. Been just reading about how important sharing and retweeting etc is.
    I got my first look at the new blog last night. Lovely teal color, my favorite. The woman nailed the tag line. I was super pleased. Will have to change my business cards now. Hers is much shorter than mine, but says the same thing. Brevity is such a gift! LOL Have a few things to tweak, but think maybe next week. I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Marsha
      Thanks for FBing it. Can’t wait to see your teal blog. Great color. I’m really curious about the tag line now.I put up this post about thirty minutes ago, so you didn’t miss anything. I’m glad you liked it.
      Aren’t flowers wonderful:)
      Best Wishes

  2. I totally agree, Jo-Ann. You gotta love-love. My Valentine’s was made unique by a visit from my grand daughter, who brought chocolates from my daughter, and when we got home from the airport there was a small bouquet my son had sent. I find all these love tokens heart-warmingly wonderful and feel so blessed.

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