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A writer's Halloween nightmare

Normally I like Halloween.
I love imaginative costumes, devouring chocolate, and dancing to the monster mash.  Who doesn’t like Halloween? Everyone becomes childlike. They get over themselves, forget the packaging they’ve tried so hard to mold to their bodies, and get downright silly. That appeals to me. The best part of my day is collecting smiles and laughter.
But I have to say my Halloween this year has become a terrifying nightmare. And I’m not talking sexy vampires, kinky fae or virile weres. I’m talking a computer breakdown. Eeeeeeeeeew.
Yes. It happened to me on Halloween. The screen of my snazzy Toshiba ultrabook broke. Or so I’m told.  I didn’t shake rattle or roll it, either. It flew to Anahiem and Italy with no problem, but sitting in my writing loft somehow upset it. Maybe, it needed a flu shot. I don’t think the tech guys believe me. But they were polite. It was Halloween after all, and I didn’t need a costume to be taken seriously. The pained look on my face was scary enough.
A slice of white started in one corner of my screen and grew. I took it in when it’d taken over a third of the space.
Owzers this hurts. Double owzers it’s not covered by warranty and getting it fixed is half the cost of a new one. What zombie did this to me? (Actually there’s a faint hope that it’s a result of a faulty part and will be covered by warranty, and I’m hanging on to that plan.)
I’m now working on my five year old Gateway laptop which has a nice screen and great keyboard, but runs at the speed of an island slug. Maybe an alien invasion started in my house?
I know. I know this is a hiccup of a problem in real life, but for a writer it hurts. Big time. I guess a witch could have moved in next door and doesn’t like the smell of my cooking.
But a little perspective here. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are dealing with the Haida Gwaii earthquake and its aftershocks, being stranded in Wawa, Frankenstorm, the American election and other real problems.
Have a good week my friends.

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  1. Gosh, I’m sorry to hear this, Jo-Ann. Odd the lap top made on all these trips and crashes when you get home. Can see how you’d feel something had taken over your house. 🙂 Hope they can fix it economically and sure hope you don’t lose anything.
    Had a request for a full from one of my queries. Very exciting, but took some time to check things out again. Darn if you can’t always find stuff! I guess the only way a book every get’s really finished is for it to get published. Off to writing retreat this weekend. Hope to finish first rough draft of book 6.
    Don’t feel bad about grousing. Whatever’s going in our own lives is big to us. And computer issues for a writer are job threatening. Yes, the pics of the poor souls in the East look like something from a disaster movie, but Americans are a resilient bunch. We’ll even survive the campaign. Though gosh, I’d like to see a little campign reform return. The amounts of money spent on all these races is obscene. Sure would go along way toward improving our schools. End of soapbox. Back to work. 🙂

    1. Hi Marsha
      Congratulations on your requests. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. I know what you mean about looking for and finding the whole manuscript. The bits and pieces, and revisions and revisions and revisions that I think I’ve filed perfectly make for a pick up stick electronic slush pile when I look for a final full. We just have to start publishing. lol
      Hope you enjoy your retreat. I’m heading for my critique group this afternoon and that will be my recharging time.
      I agree with your comment about the amount of money spent on political campaigns (in both our countries) could be so better put to use. It’s obscene.
      Lovely chatting.
      All the best

  2. Oh Jo-Ann I feel so ignorant! I had not read you post on Hallowe’en so did not realize what you had gone through with your computer. I must have seemed the most insensitive of buddies. I hope that the fault lies with the manufacturer and you won’t have to pay such a bundle, Hugs!

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