My Apologies from Italy - Jo-Ann Carson

My Apologies from Italy

The cappuccinos taste even better than they look. I offer you one with my apologies.
Cyber issues:
At the moment, I can’t reply to comments made on my blog. I’ve been trying for hours but have only managed to get one to post up.
In addition, I know some people gave up trying to comment early on, because the blog wouldn’t accept their comments. It’s so frustrating. The whole purpose of a blog is to interact. When words get frozen on one side or the other communication is shattered.
I remind myself, that in the old days I’d be complaining about lost letters in the mail, and the whole process would be just as vulnerable to error, and in a much slower tempo. But it doesn’t make me feel better.
I apologize. I love reading comments and will reply as soon as the cyber gods allow it. Maybe I’m frazzling the computer with my whiny energy. (I am taking a writing course on the 6th sense at the moment).
Who knows.
I’m feeling more human today, but avoiding hills. PJ’s cold is moving into his chest but he refuses to complain. Men. It’s raining off and on. The air is fresh and the streets are cleaner. Less people are milling about. We ate our first Florentine steak (I’ll show you a picture another time). Delicious.
Tonight, the opera…hopefully.