Aching in Florence - Jo-Ann Carson

Aching in Florence

On every trip a traveler must suffer. Each in her own way. I’ll call it my Pandora Principle, because she opened the box.
I’m suffering, and I know that’s not entertaining news, but it’s real.  My knees, hips and lower back are aching like the dickens, because I climbed up and down one too many roads. I am way beyond irritable, living in the land of “don’t talk to me I bite,” where my incessant whining echoes in my head and I cling to the minute hand of the clock, waiting to take another Advil. Traveling isn’t always easy.
But then what in life, that is worthwhile, is?
Now that I’ve got me out of the way, I’ll share another statue from the Bargello museum. I find the statue poses  so dramatic, that even when I don’t know the myth behind them (which is often) I get caught up in the intensity of figures.

I wonder if his joints ever hurt. Enough! See what I mean about being whiny. Tomorrow’s another day.