The Price is Right - Italian style - Jo-Ann Carson

The Price is Right – Italian style

A path we wandered through in the Boboli Gardens behind the Pitti Palace. The gardens, considered to be one of the most outstanding examples of Italian Renaissance landscaping in Europe, with breathtaking views of the city, are as enchanting as this picture makes them look.
But about the prices. I used to think that the best place to get a ticket for something is at the place itself. That is to say that I thought if you want a ticket to a museum you go to the museum. I assumed you’d get the best price, have the greatest choice in times and dates and have the shortest line ups. No…no …and no. The best place buy tickets varies and makes life in Florence more interesting in a convoluted roll the dice and stick to your map kinda way.
One of the view points. In the foreground is the palace. Behind it the city south of the Arno river. Besides offering great view points the park displays rare botanical treasures and art masterpieces (Buontalenti’s Grotto, Giambolognas Ocean Fountain, the colossal Statue of Plenty).
About the prices. Today, for example, we went to FlorenceTown Tours to sign up for a pizza and gelato cooking class. We were warmly received and when we asked for the loyalty price (because we’ve taken courses from them before) the young lady shook her head. Her eyes darkened as if a storm was approaching. My throat tightened. Had we asked for something forbidden? She checked the availability for us and said that we could take the course on the night we wanted to, but thought we should go down the street to buy the tickets. Down the street? Well actually her instructions were turn left on the street, walk through the arches and see the lady at the kiosk. She could give us a ten percent loyalty discount, but the tourist center, she explained, would give us 50. We took the walk and got 25. Prices are interesting. The Statue of Plenty, Boboli Gardens
The cheesy credit card advertisement put it bluntly, some experiences are priceless. Being in Italy is one of those experiences. It’s all about value and not price in the end.