Our Apartment in Florence - Jo-Ann Carson

Our Apartment in Florence

J.H. wanted us to take pictures of our apartment in Florence, so I thought I’d post them, as others might be curious as well. This is our kitchen,comfortably cluttered as usual and  complete with baguette, pasta sauce and vino rosso cooling in the fridge. Above the fridge is the hot water on demand gizmo. We’re in love with the dishwasher and would like to take it home as dishes fit in it easily and come out clean.
OMG I can’t believe how domestic this post is.
This is the adjoining living room. We have ten foot ceilings, plaster walls painted yellow, and a beautifully tiled floor. The furniture is rickety and a bit funky (notice the paper light stand) but works fine. There’s a scorched log in the marble fireplace and a TV that turns on but gets no signal. We are told they’re working on it (that and the ironing board). There’s a pull out sofa on the side you can’t see in this picture.
The bathroom is narrow, but has everything we need. The washing machine is brand new and works well especially with the soft water they have here.  I asked about a dryer the first day, and with much hand and arm waving I was led into the back storage room where I was enthusiastically shown a drying rack and two fans. It’s so warm here I haven’t had to use the fans. Most clothes dry within a day.
The bedroom is almost as big as the living room. It has an IKEA bed in it and lots of storage.
I love our three windows that overlook a busy street below. Stretching at least five feet tall, they let in lots of light and fresh air. They have shutters, windows and doors, a total of three layers filtering the outside world.
We’re really enjoying our apartment, our home away from home. We paid 1200 Euro for the month and notice that it now costs 1600 Euro. We’re feeling pretty lucky.
It’s biggest advantage is it’s right in the center of town minutes away from all the attractions. It’s biggest disadvantage is it’s right in the center of town… and noisy 24/7.
The sound of late diners chatting with friends into the night, is followed by the sound of late drunks singing, followed by street cleaning machines … followed by the sound of  luggage wheels clicking over uneven cement stones. All punctuated by church bells (that don’t necessarily ring on the hour). It’s a cacophony of life that is now embedded in my heart, strange as that may sound. To me it is the sound of Florence.
Our apartment has shall we say endearing flaws, and for one month it’s perfect for us.