My Number 3 Reason to Visit Florence - Jo-Ann Carson

My Number 3 Reason to Visit Florence

Florentine steak is a cut that includes the tenderloin and the loin. The beef is not marbled with fat,but it has a fine texture and we are told a great taste. We are planning on trying it near the end of the trip
One of the butchers at the Central Market.
The fresh fruit and vegetables from the region are picked at their prime and full of flavor. Notice the drawers of mushrooms on the bottom of the picture. They are being harvested now.

While coffee does not grow here, Italy is famous for it’s coffee machines. They make a wicked cappuccino. I’ve become so addicted to the taste that I went into a store to inquire about buying a machine, but was told they are made for European electrical circuits (i.e.,220 volts). The best I can do is the stove top espresso maker,which I already have.
I think I may be able to find American machines when I get home,but it would have been nice to have sent home an Italian one to remind me of my time in Florence.
So <drum role> my third reason for choosing to visit Florence is the flavors. The food,wine and coffee are delicious.
note: all pictures today are taken by PJ
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