Bitten Alive - Jo-Ann Carson

Bitten Alive

For those readers who may be drowning in jealousy reading about my trip to Italy, I offer you my blood letting story.
What can I say? Normally, bugs don’t like me.
Mosquitoes and wasps will check me out and leave me alone, like the good looking guys at a high school dance. I kinda like that. But, let me tell you,  the Firenze mosquitoes have better taste. They not only bite, they feast on me.
My face is a bespeckled mess. I look like I have measles. PJ is in worse shape. I gather he’s tastier, and his bites swell, so while I look like I’ve been attacked, he looks like he’s been vanquished.
Our flat is in a building that has numerous apartments built around a small column of space. People string clotheslines across it which they access from their windows. They also put out potted plants. It’s a useful common area,but I’m betting it’s owned by mosquitoes who’ve found their perfect breeding conditions in the warm humid air and pools of water collecting on the bottom. The human apartments are their feeding grounds.
But bites are a small price to pay for our experience. Don’t feel too sorry for me.
Our Day: After breakfast we headed out to run some errands. We arranged a couple of tours: a boat tour for Monday and a cooking class for next Saturday. We went to the market for cappuccinos and a few items we needed, and returned to the apartment with a bag of goodies for lunch. This picture is taken with my cell phone, so it’s not that detailed but you get the idea.

The streets were definitely busier today. It’s Saturday. We’ll do our shopping on weekdays from now on. Getting used to the tempo of the city.

The Mediterranean climate is interesting. It’s cold at night, hot at noon and warm the rest of the time. I think I may be forced to buy some clothes as I forgot to bring my jacket. It was hot the day I left, and it totally slipped my mind. Checking out the stores I’ve come to two conclusions, clothes are extremely well designed and affordable. Yes, I think I may be forced to buy some things.
PJ’s napping. We’re heading out later for the second night of the wine town tour. Who knows what we’ll discover this time.