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Squishing my life into a Carry-on

“Global travel is somewhat of a religion. But within this religion, there are many other ‘faiths’.

One of these is the carry-on-only philosophy.

And as the name suggests, it’s a philosophy to travel the globe with nothing but carry-on luggage.”

(Globetrotter Tom at GlobeTrooper.com)

There are advantages:

  1.  No waiting in those awful zigzaggy cattle line ups to check bags.
  2.  No waiting beside spinning carousels with sharpened elbows to pick up bags.
  3. No waiting at luggage  claim’s desks (with sedatives to manage anger)  for clothes that accidentally detoured to Timbuktu.
  4. No baggage fees.
  5. Wheeling around airports and new destinations is much easier.


  1. Less stuff.
  2. Less room to bring more “stuff” home.

But can I do it? Can I fit what I need into a small carry-on? We’ll see.
How do you pack? Do you have special tricks to share with a novice? I’d love to hear your stories.
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  1. Fun article, and I’m on-side with it. When I travel, for practical reasons, I do stuff most everything I need into my carry-on – in case I arrive at a foreign country and my luggage decides to vacation elsewhere. I do check in a small suitcase, but it’s mostly empty. Got to make room for shopping. My trick to efficient carry-on stuffing is to “roll” every piece of clothing, “tight.” All hotels/rooming houses have irons.

  2. Hey, Jo-Ann. I commented about this on my iphone, but think it didn’t go through. Technology. I suggest you get a box of the largest ZipLocks you can find. Insert several items. Sqoosh all the air out you can–takes me a couple times of sqooshing. Squoosh, zip part way. Squoosh, zip more. Repeat until you have only a tiny opening. Squoosh out the last and voila! Your clothes take up less than half their size. I’m sure this will help.

    1. Hey Marsha
      Welcome back. I hope your writing retreat was productive.
      I hadn’t heard the zip-lock bag trip before, and I am a great fan of the bags. I’m going to give it a try.

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