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Hacked and Angry

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Yup, I’ve been hacked Well, at least my Twitter account’s been hacked.I hope that’s the extent of the damage.
My sincerest apologies go out to all the people who received ridiculous tweets from me.I’ve changed my password twice checked all my connections and I should be in the clear now. I hope. Needless to say, I’m momentarily not tweeting.
I gather I’ve been spamming my 1,120 followers with xo and direct messages suggesting they open a Facebook link.That’s how I think I caught it. I tried to open that link when someone I know sent me the message. Life hasn’t been the same since.
I’m defragging my favorite laptop and searching for viruses hoping it’s not infected.
I need a hacker poster to shoot darts at. This is such a waste of time, and embarrassing. Grrrrrr.
Again…my apologies.

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    1. Hi Judy
      It’s so frustrating! From now on, I’ll be very careful. The spammed messages do sound odd, so I’ll be on the look out for them.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Happy writing

  1. Don’t worry about it! I get one of those hacked tweet once or twice a month. Most of them have a least one misspelled word in them! I’ve gotten similar posts hitting my email through Facebook. It’s a hazard of being on social networks! Good luck disentangling your laptop from it.

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