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Wine Town Firenze – Oh Yeah

Held in restaurants and wine cellars throughout the Tuscan city, Wine Town Florence offers visitors the opportunity to celebrate quality wine. A host of activities entertain between tastes and the WineCard also gives free admission to affiliated museums. (KLM wesbsite)

I’m trying my best to live a normal life here on my quiet  island on the west coast of Canada,  but when I got a message from KLM (airlines) telling me Florence becomes a “wine town”  for a few days during our upcoming stay, “normal” became impossible. It’s not that I’m a big wine drinker, but I do like the taste. So, here I am in my jammies. I haven’t started writing for the day yet, and I’m googling Wine Town Firenze. Heck, it’s research:)

This was the best “nutshell” description I found:

The, “… third edition of “Wine Town”, [is] an event dedicated to wine, art and spectacle. Several historical palaces in Florence for the occasion will open their courtyards and their cloisters and host schools of wine tasting and culinary and  musical performances. It will be possible to taste the best Tuscan and Italian wine, at the same time, attending theatrical and listen to quality music.” (Italian Wine and Foods Blog)

The home site for the event is in Italian, but I think we’ll figure things out. The pictures are from that site.
P.S. I’d like to thank everyone who left me ideas of things to do and places to go in Italy. I’ve made a list.
Does anyone have any tales or thoughts about drinking wine in Italy that they’d be willing to share?