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Florence and a blog adjustment

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Some people make changes at the beginning of the New Year, but I like to  initiate change in the Fall. I relate to maple leaves changing color.

My blog has mostly been about my life as a writer, but that’s getting boring: write, edit, crumple pages, sigh, write, edit….  I love the process, but that kind of passion doesn’t translate well onto paper. Don’t get me wrong, my blog stats show growth in readership, but the growth is slow. My new plan is to focus more on my research hoping that will draw people who will be interested in my stories.

But before I launch into a new blog schedule I’m going to go to Italy. I’ve never been there before. It’s a trip of a lifetime for me. So, I’ll be blogging about that for awhile.

Do you have favorite places in Italy? Places you’d recommend we go see, or suggestions of activities to do? I’d love to hear your stories.

Our first plan is to take a cooking class in Florence. They take you to the market to pick out the food, show you how to cook it and then you get to eat it. I can’t wait.

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  1. You’re going to have an AMAZING time in Italy. Florence is one of my favorite cities in the world. I took a cooking class in Florence with Accidental Tourist. I loved it so much I returned with my mother the next year.
    In Florence don’t miss: the sunset from Piazza Michelangelo (breathtaking views of the city, the Botticelli room in the Uffizi, the gardens of the Pitti Palace.
    Outside Florence: try to do an overnight in Siena, the city is magical after the daytrippers leave. If you have time, I highly recommend the coastal villages of the Cinque Terre. You will not regret it.

  2. Italy! How exciting! 🙂 I hope to go next year.
    I am with you on fall. It is my absolute favourite season, because the inspiration is so high with the fresh air, changing leaves, and darker skies. It always drives me to make a change in some aspect of my life.

  3. Florence is absoulutely wonderful in any season. I suggest you wander and get yourself a little lost. The back roads and alleyways hold many delights that a traveller often misses. Everything is old but seen through fresh eyes will give hours of inspiration.

    1. Cindy
      You sound like a wise traveler. It’s those little things one finds along the way that make a trip memorable. I love your idea of wandering.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Oh! I’m so jealous! *sigh* The cooking class sounds fun! While your in country, you should definitely go to Rome and see the Colosseum – I know, that’s so cliche, but just think of the history. I’d love to go to Turin and visit the Egyptian Museum there. Of course, the churches must be visited. Oh my! Can I stow away in one of your bags. I’m rather small. 😉

    1. Missy
      The idea of seeing Rome sends tingles up my spine. It’s so steeped in history. I love old churches. I’ll add that to my “must do” list. Can’t wait.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  5. You will love Italy. I did. Besides, Rome (“See Rome and die”) and Florence, don’t miss Venice, the most unique city in the world. We also loved Lake Como. where we went to Bennetts, a supermarket with food from all over. Think Costco multiplied by ten!

  6. I’m agree with Missy! I’m so jealous and so excited for you. Being born into the Catholic religion, I would love to see the Vatican in Rome and the Sistine Chapel. Can’t wait to read/ see your blogs!
    Diane Kratz

    1. Diane
      Thanks for your well wishes. I feel like a kid who can’t go to sleep at night, because the big day is approaching. I’m going soak it in as much as I can. I’ve only seen the Sistine Chapel in movies and in books. I can’t imagine how awe inspiring it must be to see it in person.
      Thanks for adding to the dialogue Diane
      Best Wishes

  7. We’ve been a couple of times to Italy, and both times ended in Venice and Rome…just didn’t get to Florence. I bet it’s beautiful and I’m lime green with envy. Tke elastic waists and enjoy the food, it’s stupendous!!!
    Can’t wait to see your blogs.
    xo Mimi

    1. Mimi
      I wonder what they do to food in Italy that gets everyone so excited. The way people talk, it sounds even more extraordinary than the Sistine Chapel.
      So much to explore and learn about. I can’t wait. We’ll visit Rome for a day trip or two, but I’m not sure about Venice. We like to travel slow.
      We’re missing you over here Mimi. Take care.

  8. All good advice from the others. I’d vote for Cinqe Terre and Sienna and Civita near Riomaggiore. They make bruschetta an art, with a ceramic jug of house wine? the best.
    Turns out I’m going too! Our regular Prague to Cremona, then maybe Parma, Modena and Bologna. I’m thinking a foody tour. We’ll talk.

      1. Hi Joanne, We’ll be there at the same time, but we won’t be that far south. I think you are smart to focus on one place, but I’d vote for venice over rome anyday. Do you want to drive to Daniela’s together? I could get to your place around 11:45., if that’s enough time. I have the address but I haven’t looked it up yet. Judy

  9. Have only been to England, Jo-Ann, and that was many years ago. Older daughter took a European trip in college, and I seem to remember she loved Florence. Not where I’d want to go, but ain’t it grand there’s such variety in our world to meet all our needs. Will look forward to your posts. Have a safe journey

  10. I’d love to travel through Tuscany some day.
    I visited Venice last year. Found it beautiful but I got eaten alive by mosquitoes! If you get to Venice, be sure to enjoy a gondola ride. It’s one the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had, absolutely beautiful and somehow surreal.

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