Carburetors and Coffee Beans - Jo-Ann Carson

Carburetors and Coffee Beans

The strangest things  happen when I’m out and about with my writing friends. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s true. It  leads to a few interesting tales spinning in my mind.
Take last Saturday:
D. and I were heading to a Chapter meeting in Victoria and we’d stopped to stretch our legs at a coffee place before the Malahatt (mountain pass).  There was a biker’s store right next door, and a number of Harleys were parked gleaming in the summer sun outside.
While D. was in the powder room, I made myself comfortable at a table  with my coffee. Two men sitting ten feet apart were carrying on a conversation loud enough for me to hear.
The skinnier one, in leather with a bandana and scruffy face said to the other one: “Yeah, women. My last one said to me. You won’t believe this, but she said to me, ‘Carburetors don’t belong on the kitchen table.'”
His friend, also dressed in leather, but with a paunch belly sticking out beneath a black t-shirt, grunted. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”
“And she said,” continued the first guy with a voice filled with incredulity, “‘Motorcycles don’t belong in the living room.'”
“Women, eh,'” said the second.
Then my friend D., a proper looking lady who writes regency historical romance came out with her tea and we talked duels.
Crazy…but true:) Gotta use it somewhere.

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  1. Love your description of this scene, Jo-Ann. I can see and here these dudes. We have distinctly different worlds (almost parallel universes) apparently coexisting right next to each other. It is really quite grand!

    1. Marsha
      I agree. It’s bizarre, and somehow being with writers makes it even more apparent. lol
      Best wishes
      Jo-Ann (still hiding inside from the 70 degree weather. Can’t figure out how you breathe.)

  2. I didn’t know whether to shake my head or laugh! Laughter won. Sometimes life truly is stranger than fiction. Then again, a friend of mine had a customer wall into his store one day loudly complaining about a chicken being stuck in his grill. As we live in Florida, my friend could only wonder if he was talking about the grill in his mouth or the grill on his truck. He was too polite to ask for clarification.

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