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A New Laptop Disaster

This week’s musings from my writer’s loft:
Word Count: It’s like my weight problem. It goes up and down, and never in the right places or at the right time.
SoMe: My experiment with synching Twitter with Goodreads has been eye opening. I now have over 8 hundred followers on Twitter and over 2 hundred on Goodreads. While I’m active on Twitter I’m a “lurker” on Goodreads. I’ve joined the Agatha Christie group and two author Q and A pages.  I need to start pulling my weight and write some reviews or at least comments on books. That should splash into Facebook (I think).
It’s fun and interesting, but I sooooo want to work on my WIPs.  I feel torn. Just how social do I want/need to be?
It would be really bad if I forget my heroine’s name.
A New Computer…Disaster: She’s absolutely beautiful, a Toshiba ultrabook (Satellite Z830-00L).  Let me tell you why I fell in love with her:

  • “Ultra” refers to her being ultra-thin, half the depth of my old laptop. She weighs only 2.5 pounds, not much more than a large cup of coffee. This is important to me because I like to tote my work around (visiting grandkids, and cafes).
  • She has a hard disk drive which is hugely important. Older computers have drives that spin. They heat up, need ventillating and break easily. The solid state drive doesn’t.
  • It’s quiet (because it doesn’t need a fan to cool a whirling disk drive).
  • The battery lasts 8 hours. Woooohooooo. (I always forget my power cord).
  • It’s super super fast. I’m not sure why. I’d need to use Geek speak here, and it wouldn’t really change my point. It’s fast.

It’s not the computer for everyone. If you use your machine for gaming, managing your pictures, or video editing she’s not for you. But for writing she’s a Cadillac. I’m so excited
That being said, I am typing on my old laptop this morning, because I have managed to lock myself out of my new one. It’s a password problem. “Oh well,” I say. “PJ will be up soon and he can fix anything.” I type away. PJ gets up and some serious grumbling begins. We both know the password, but the computer, my thin little ultra, doesn’t know it.
Stumped by technology, again.
But I have faith that somehow we will break into this machine and I can get back to work.
I hope your week went well. Enjoy the sun. May the wind be behind you all the way.
…and may your passwords always work<g>

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  1. I love the weight of your new laptop, Jo-Ann. Mine’s a Dell I’ve had for a few years. It gets updated fairly regularly, but it weighs–well not a ton, but a lot. I take it with me on trips. Only do a limited amount of writing work on it–like when I’m on trips. LOL Occassionally at home if something is wrong with big Dell. (Well the computer is small, but the screen is large. So nice.
    Good luck figuring out the password on the new laptop. I finally created a doc with all the passwords and even printed it out. I try to keep it updated. But yesterday I got all environmental and decided to have e reports from a financial institution instead of the paper ones I recycle. But I didn’t know a password or if I had one, Frustrating. I didn’t have time then to try to set up whatever to set up the password. What a world. 🙂 Have a great weekend. We’re sweltering down here in Texas.

    1. Marsha
      We knew the password. Honestly, we did. The computer didn’t. LOL
      We took her back to Future Shop and they erased everything and reloaded the operating system. Now we get to start over. The good news is — it’s working.
      Have you considered renaming your computer? There are a lot of Dells around. I’ve named mine Shakespeare. How’s that for pretentious.
      We had our first hot day today (about 25 centigrade) and we’re already complaining. I can only imagine how hot it gets in your area.
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your password story.
      Happy writing

    1. Mimi
      You’re hard to keep track of. One minute in Spain, the next in the Fraser Valley . Enjoy.
      Yes, 8 hours…seriously.
      I’ve got her working again (yay).
      Best always

    1. Hi Sonya
      I know…it’s painful.
      They had to take everything off and reload the operating system. Now I’ll spend hours putting things on again.
      The joys of technology:)
      Thanks for coming by and offering empathy.
      Happy Writing

  2. I’ve had two Toshiba laptops and love them. But, I jumped ship and just purchased a Lenovo for the keypad touch — has the feel of the old Selectric typewriters, but smoother. I wanted the Toshiba Ultra, but the small screen size, and squeezed in keyboard left me in a lurch–pounds vs screen and touch. So, mine weighs in at 5.3lbs 🙂 I’ll consider it my weightlifting for the day. It’s the lack of whirring drive and need for a fan on the Ultra that is sweet. Oh, and my Lenovo gave me the sweet blue screen and a whirring cursor until I had to force it closed. That’s what I get for downloading Adobe…lol. My son says, I’m jinxed when it comes to technology. Everything quits when I walk in a room. Has to be a story there…hmmmm..
    Good luck,
    Jean 🙂

    1. Hi Jean
      You are right the keyboard is squished. I spent my morning typing slashes every time I tried to shift to uppercase. But I still love her. She’s so fast.
      It sounds like you found your perfect match.
      I know what you mean about being an electronic jynx. My jynx powers are directly related to how much I need something to work.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.
      Happy writing

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