A Dizzy Feeling in the Head - Jo-Ann Carson

A Dizzy Feeling in the Head

I don’t know about you, but when I write for long stretches of time on my WIP (work in progress) I get a weird feeling in my head.
It’s like I’m distanced from reality,  not that I’m living in my book, but like I exist in an ether between its world and the one I live and breath in. It’s an odd sensation, and the closest description I can come up with is a dizzy, or disassociated feeling. ( Okay, you can call me a dizzy dame.)
I’ve been working hard on revisions to my WIP. My mantra is: “Each edit makes the story clearer.” I hang on to that, as I plow through words with my rudimentary skills, feeling like an artist creating a delicate necklace with a shovel. I passed the Black Moment and am heading downhill to the finish line.
The process is exciting, but also exhausting. I’m thankful that the local Starbucks has Frappachinos on sale for half price.
I wonder if writing gets easier with practice, but I suspect not.
I know this is not an exciting post, but it does explain why I haven’t been bloggin lately. I’m too  dizzy:)