Headers from Hell and Dastardly Plots - Jo-Ann Carson

Headers from Hell and Dastardly Plots

I upgraded to Word 2010 in January, and for most of my writing needs it’s been fine. I wanted to be current, but omg am I rethinking the wisdom of that.
I wanted a simple header. You know the title, my name and page number. Simple? Well, it used to be. Word 2010  adds all sorts of ‘dohickeys’ to clutter it up, a vertical line here a horizontal line there. I know, that’s not what’s expected, so I play with one version after another trying to tone down Microsoft’s imposed creativity. I’m thinking it’s a dastardly plot on their part to rule the planet.
I want my writing to blend with everyone elses. Desperately.
I found one header that looked sort of all right, but when I print a page the whole text is formatted into a box. Urrrrrrgh
Actually, my language was more colorful than that, and my husband came to see what the heck was wrong with me. I was so angry by this point I could barely articulate a word. I pointed at the screen and muttered between hasty breaths, “That…the…header…#####ing header…won’t …I ….can’t…urrrrrrgh.” Somehow he understood my language, or maybe it was the look on my face, and calmly suggested I take a break. He’s the computer geek in the family. But I couldn’t leave. I pace behind him, sweat dripping down my brow, more unkind words emitting into the air a blue haze.
In the end, a writing friend solved my problem. Phew.
The life of a writer.  …never dull.