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Headers from Hell and Dastardly Plots

I upgraded to Word 2010 in January, and for most of my writing needs it’s been fine. I wanted to be current, but omg am I rethinking the wisdom of that.
I wanted a simple header. You know the title, my name and page number. Simple? Well, it used to be. Word 2010  adds all sorts of ‘dohickeys’ to clutter it up, a vertical line here a horizontal line there. I know, that’s not what’s expected, so I play with one version after another trying to tone down Microsoft’s imposed creativity. I’m thinking it’s a dastardly plot on their part to rule the planet.
I want my writing to blend with everyone elses. Desperately.
I found one header that looked sort of all right, but when I print a page the whole text is formatted into a box. Urrrrrrgh
Actually, my language was more colorful than that, and my husband came to see what the heck was wrong with me. I was so angry by this point I could barely articulate a word. I pointed at the screen and muttered between hasty breaths, “That…the…header…#####ing header…won’t …I ….can’t…urrrrrrgh.” Somehow he understood my language, or maybe it was the look on my face, and calmly suggested I take a break. He’s the computer geek in the family. But I couldn’t leave. I pace behind him, sweat dripping down my brow, more unkind words emitting into the air a blue haze.
In the end, a writing friend solved my problem. Phew.
The life of a writer.  …never dull.

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  1. For some of us I think this kind of stuff will always provide a challenge. I can’t even find the paragraph symbol so I can set the page break thingie at the end of the chapters. It’s definitely some sort of conspiracy. LOL But hey, we’re writers. We’ll overcome.

    1. Marsha
      Yes, yes…I am definitely challenged. I like your conspiracy theory.
      Meanwhile my calm, thoughtful husband has found me a way to write custom headers, so my technical struggles are over for the moment.
      overcoming or overwhelmed…hard to tell

  2. JoAnn,
    I just got a Mac. Wonderful computer, but I think all the time…What was I thinking? I’m too old this! Completely different than word. Yes I got Word installed, but it looks totally different (yes it 2110-was working with 2007). Technology is for the young. My husband can’t even turn on a computer, so I’m on my own here! Let’s just say, I get in my hot tub A LOT! Tension in shoulder and neck-Hot Helps!Loved your post!

    1. Diane
      I’m thinking of buying an Toshiba Ultrabook because it’s light, but maybe what I really need is a Hot Tub to ease me through my tech tantrums. I love the look of the Macs.
      I hope it gets easier for both of us, but it seems it doesn’t get easier, it gets more complicated.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting. Misery does love company.
      Best Wishes

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