Circled by Thieves - Six Sentence Sunday 29/04/2012 - Jo-Ann Carson

Circled by Thieves – Six Sentence Sunday 29/04/2012

This excerpt is from the beginning of my second book in the Nederlander Series, which opens in Delft (The Netherlands).

     “You’re wrong,” rasped the frail spinster, “dead wrong. Think you’ll get rich by listening to me ramble on about my life…” Her voice broke, as the dry desperate cough of a dying woman convulsed through her body.
Kaat Kees squeezed the woman’s hand, thin skin wrinkled over brittle bones.  Outside, thieves circled like wolves ready to pounce at the first opportunity. They could smell her vulnerability. The old woman had what they wanted. Kaat shivered. Over my dead body.


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  1. As much as I hate to admit, family can change at the blink of a eye at the death of a parent. I saw a side of my sister that I never knew she had. Greedy. Uncaring. Thankfully that was resolved. But the hurt is remembered from time to time. I enjoyed your tease.

  2. Very descriptive. And circling thieves…hmmm…but she knows they’re there, so it leads me to believe she knows them, since they’re waiting for the woman’s death. Family maybe? Been there…not fun. Look forward to reading more.

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