Amsterdam in my Writing Loft - Jo-Ann Carson

Amsterdam in my Writing Loft

The Red Bicycle: is a print from IKEA that takes me into the world of Amsterdam engaging wonderful memories of  windmills, canals,  bicycles, Vermeer, tulips and… cheese made for the gods. The print sits above my computer as a visual launch pad into the setting for my first series, aptly named  The Nederlander Series. Nice of IKEA to do that for me.
Revisions: I’m working on revising my first manuscript in the series. The word count is shrinking but the prose is strengthening. I attended an amazing workshop, The Four-Layer Method of Revision with Shelley Bates on the weekend. Her process, for me, is like having four different pairs of glasses to view my work with. If you ever get a chance to take a course from her, do. She’s not only an accomplished multi-published author (22 books in numerous genres) she’s also an outstanding teacher who engages her students in the learning process.
Mentors: I continue to be amazed at how generous  experienced RWA writers are with their time and expertise. They tell me it’s because they’ve been in our shoes. I am so very grateful for all the workshops, conversations, critiques and comments. I can only hope that some day I will  pass on to others something they value.
Do you have a picture in your writing spot? …and  What’s your writing group like?